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Signal Boosters FAQ


It's well known how frustrating it is when an important call all of a sudden disconnects for the reason that you drop your signal. And you will find few things more frustrating than going outside or hover close to an open window in order to make a call. At, we understand that this is a frustrating thing for all; this is why we took the time to create a mobile signal booster that will boost the signal in your home immediately.

You will find that there exist 3 basic steps to complete mobile signal:

  • Your mobile signal antenna should be placed either on a window ledge, in your attic or outside your home.

  • Place the signal booster in locations where you experience poor signal.

  • Connect, turn it on and witness as your signal bars rise to complete in only 30 seconds.


You might have seen low-priced shipped in products which state they will improve the signal. Even so, these products are usually poor and untrustworthy. All of our devices are premium quality and will offer you a complete mobile phone signal immediately or we will provide you with a refund.

Our products will supply complete signal for all the main networks in the UK, Europe and Ireland, which includes EE, Vodafone, O2, Orange, Virgin, BT and 3 Mobile.

For your assurance, all our products are completely CE certified and include a 30 day refund policy and a one year guarantee.

Our mobile signal kits are easy to install and produce immediate results. From the moment it is turned on, you will discover a tremendous improvement in your phone signal. Your kit includes an outside antenna which is usually installed outside, fixed on a window ledge and even set up in your attic.

This tends to get connected to a discreet amplifier within your home or building. From the minute, your mobile phone signal booster is turned on; you will take pleasure in more reputable reception and an improved quality signal.

We are so assured in our products, which is CE certified, that we will offer you a complete refund if you don’t witness a tremendous improvement in your reception. In addition, we provide a one year guarantee as standard.


How good does cell phone signal booster packages basically work?

You will discover several products presently accessible that make plenty of offers that can’t be carried out. This is far from the truth with Mobile Repeater items. When using the exact technology which mobile providers use, Mobile Repeater provides the best product designed for customers. Mobile Repeater signal enhancers make use of a high achievable antenna to acquire the signal, and that is then funneled towards the repeater. The repeater boosts the signal to ensure that it is powerful and clear, inside your home or within your vehicle.

Exactly why is my signal so poor once I go inside?

The potential of mobile signals to go through properties is suffering from a variety of aspects, which includes types of material the property consists of, how thick the surfaces are, the number of windows the property has, and exactly how tall the construction is, along with the distance you are from your closest cell tower. A lot of people who've essentially the most difficulty with poor signal stay in rural locations where there are only a few towers. They might have difficulty obtaining a good signal, even in cases where they happen to be outside.

Am I able to obtain a more powerful signal using a Mobile Repeater?

Most mobile phone users have experienced network problems of some kind or another in the course using their cell phone. From poor to no signal, to weak network quality and fallen calls, poor signals and network traffic jams both lead to several different complications, particularly indoors. If you think you might be struggling with any of these problems in your house, office or car, a mobile repeater can increase a poor signal and provide you with complete reception with a powerful mobile signal and better call quality. It may also help in case you find yourself acquiring difficulty with text messages making it through, 3g internet connection or other things you could possibly wish to do with your cell phone. For data support, a mobile repeater can equally boost your coverage location and also improve your data transactions and enable you to make use of your cell phone or data card to its maximum level.

Remember that a mobile repeater requires a present signal which might be too poor to be appropriate and boosts it for it to be sufficiently strong to become efficient and helpful. It can't develop an indicator where no indication is present. You are able to figure out if a repeater is appropriate for you, along with the perfect spot to position one, by determining where, either in or close to your house or workplace, your mobile phone is capable of getting any signal, although it is poor.

When your cellphone can grab a signal, the mobile repeater are not able to only get it, but boost it to generate a good powerful signal that one could use. In case you have any inquiries, make sure you contact us.

Is setting up a mobile phone signal repeater complicated?

Certainly not! You don't require any type of technical information to set up your mobile repeater. The package consists of all the things you should have in order to boost the mobile signal within your house or workplace and basic detailed information to set up your repeater. For those who are able to read and make use of a couple of simple hand tools, can easily set up your repeater on your own.

What benefits will I notice when using a mobile repeater?

The initial and greatest benefit you’ll notice when utilizing a mobile repeater is improved reception. The signal can, obviously, be most effective close to the repeater. In case a repeater is set up in a location with a poor one- two bars of reception, the repeater can boost it into a strong four bars. A number of people have even had the opportunity to switch a signal which is too poor to be obtained by a mobile phone and transformed it into a hot spot. More powerful signal converts into better reception and less calls dropped.

Increased signal doesn’t just strengthen call quality; in addition, it may improve your high speed data services and get them to be more efficient too.