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Signal Boosters

While the mobile boosters will improve all types of phones, different networks need various boosters. We provide a wide collection of signal boosters which boost the service for the particular network. For anyone who is uncertain which is the most affordable option for your problem, our experts will be pleased to find the best product for you.

If your family has several people using several networks, we also offer a wide range of dual and tri-band amplifiers which will boost the signal for all cell phone networks presently operating throughout Europe.

Firstly, allow us to explain exactly why you're struggling with low signal to begin with.

The main reason is that your home could be miles away from a GSM basestation, which work is to transmit a GSM signal or ‘cell phone signal’ The consequence of being miles away from any of these basestations will cause your mobile phone not obtaining enough GSM signal to make or receive dependable calls.

You might find some lovely areas around the home where the signal can get to but going to the opposite side of a home to make or receive a call kind of beats the reason of owning a mobile phone to begin with.


So can we help? Of course! Our kits include two small pieces, a small antenna which is set up outside the house (we suggest setting it up outside, but about 80% of our clients either place it in the attic or on a window ledge) this antenna will obtain a poor GSM signal from an extensive range, this signal will be transported down a cable to a tiny inside booster that increases the signal... it’s as easy as that.

The moment you’ve attached the kit (It requires about 15 minutes to install and includes everything you require to get started) and turn it on you’ll witness your reception bars increase.

From that point on, provided that the kit is connected you’ll have reception around the home... Guaranteed.

So in an effort to begin you'll have to decide on what kit is suitable for you. First of all you’ll have to choose the network you would like to boost. Keep in mind, it doesn't make a difference what type of phone you own it only is important what network you're using.

You will find just three frequencies that each of the UK networks share, which are: 2100GSM, 1800GSM and 900GSM

Ok, so for example you have to increase your Vodafone (900GSM) signal, then basically select the Vodafone logo on the website and you’ll notice an index of each of the suitable kits for the specific network. (O2 also makes use of the 900GSM frequency any mobile phones on the O2 network may also have their signal improved by the equipment).

But for example you’re on O2 of Vodafone (900GSM) and your associate is on TMobile or Orange (1800GSM). Well, in that case you will require a kit that increases both 1800GSM and 900GSM, or as we refer to it as a Dual band kit. This tends to increase both 1800GSM and 900GSM in one product; on the other hand, it won't increase 3Mobile or 2100GSM.

In fact, if you have to increase everything 3G, 3mobile, 1800GSM and 900GSM, then you’ll require a Triband package.

So now you’ve chosen what type of kit you require then the next step is to determine the amount of coverage you need. They begin from 250 sq. meters and increase from that point. The more you invest, the more coverage you’ll receive.

It’s worth keeping in mind that our products are special to us. We believe in not selling low-cost products similar to any low-cost electrical products that seldom fulfill their promises.

Cell phone signal enhancers have become significantly popular all over the globe as a growing number of people are encountering problems with making phone calls. These enhancers are designed with a single objective to search for a powerful signal, boost the signal, and transfer it to mobile phones within the immediate location. For anyone who is interested in methods to maximize your phone’s capacity to maintain a signal and minimizing your quantity of dropped calls, take into consideration buying a mobile phone signal enhancer.

Affordable Convenience

Among the greatest benefits related to buying a mobile phone signal increaser is that it must be a hassle-free personal digital item that you can buy at a low price. Instead of needing to spend a lot of money on an element which allows your mobile phone to work effectively, they normally cost among $50.00 and $250.00. This could be quite valuable, particularly in case you have paid an adequate sum of money for a mobile phone.

Utilizing a Signal Enhancer at Home

One more advantage related to utilizing a cell phone signal enhancer is that one could set them up in your residence to support your personal gadgets which needs a stronger signal. Almost all designs require external assembly, regardless if they are installed on your ceiling or over a high surface on the outside of your house. Once the antenna within the booster receives a signal, they are going to then transfer it to the amplifier, which is then directed to your mobile phone. It becomes an extremely successful way of interaction for people who reside in large properties with restricted entry to solid mobile phone signals.

Vacationing Mobile Phone Enhancer

For anyone who is interested in a method that one could use your mobile phone in spots that can have a number of dead locations, it is advisable to think about buying a cell phone signal booster which is capable of being mounted into your system. These enhancers work similarly as the at-home enhancers, apart from they could be set up into your cellphone (usually underneath the battery). You can also find other vacationing mobile phone signal enhancers that one could attach to your car or your RV to offer you with a solid signal for the whole trip. These could be quite effective for those who would like to take a holiday but who have to stay in constant contact with their job throughout their days off. Additionally it is a smart way to guarantee you and your vacationing party has a regular source of connection to emergency teams.

Is your network not all you need it to be? Would you believe you are able to acquire more out of your o2 Signal? If that's the case, you can also find many solutions accessible to you. One specifically with excellent reviews would be the Boostbox. When it involves improving your o2 Signal, no part of equipment would be better. Let’s check it out.